Postal Swim Information

British Long Distance Swimming Association One Hour Postal Swim

Under the auspices of the British Long Distance Swimming Association and the rules of the postal swim

The Swim

The objective of the swim is for individual swimmers to achieve the greatest possible distance within one hour. The swim must be completed in the months of January and February. The incoming results will be listed in order of the distance completed, in the individual age categories as detailed below.


British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA) medallions for all individual events, duly inscribed, will be awarded as follows:

Up to 5 competitors Gold Medal
Between 6 and 10 competitors Gold and Silver Medals
Over 10 competitors Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

In the team swim, members of the first three teams in each age group will receive BLDSA medallions.

Every entrant will receive a souvenir BLDSA Postal Swim embroidered badge as a memento of having taken part in the swim.


You may use any swimming pool 25 yards in length, or longer. All results will be in metres. Distances in yards will be converted into metres.


Entry will be accepted from any swimmer, you do not need to be a member of a club, with age groups from under 10`s to over 85`s, please see below. Entries can only be accepted on the official entry form (or copies thereof) and accompanied by the correct entry fee.

Individual Categories (Men & Women)

Under 10's Open 35 - 39 years 55 - 59 years 75 - 79 years
10 - 11 years 20 - 24 years 40 - 44 years 60 - 64 years 80 - 84 years
12 - 13 years 25 - 29 years 45 - 49 years 65 - 69 years 85 years plus
14 - 15 years 30 - 34 years 50 - 54 years 70 - 74 years  

Team Categories

Under 10's 10 - 11 years 12 - 13 years 14 - 15 years Open
25 years plus 35 years plus 45 years plus 55 years plus 65 years plus

A team must consist of 3 swimmers of the same sex and all swimmers in a team must be first claim members of the same club. Individual swimmers may only be entered into one team in this competition.

To enter the team event, all swimmers must have already entered the individual event. For the under 10's, 10-11 years, 12-13 years, and 14-15 years age groups, each swimmer must be that age or under. For the open category swimmers can be of any age.

For all other teams, the youngest member will determine which category the team is in, and all swimmers must be older than that category.

All age categories are calculated on ages on 1st January, in the year of the swim.


Each swimmer must provide their own counter who can act as timekeeper and starter. Each counter must be a responsible person.

Entry For More Than One Event

Some swimmers may wish to enter more than one age category for which they are eligible i.e. a 15 year old could enter the open section. This is quite acceptable provided 2 entry forms are completed and two entry fees are paid.

Bulk Entries

Clubs may send all entries together with one payment for entry fees, etc. A special entry form has been devised for "bulk" entries to reduce paper work and make it simpler for everybody. Please note that we can only accept bulk entries when accompanied by this special form, (or copies thereof).

Note: **Individual entry forms do not need to be sent when bulk entry forms are used**

All bulk entries must be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope/jiffy bag. The results booklets are A4 size thus the envelope/jiffy bag should be at least 8.3" x 11.7" (210 x 297 mm).

Closing Date

All entry envelopes must be postmarked no later than the 1st of March. Any postmarked after that date will be returned.

Overseas Swimmers Please send your entry airmail to avoid any disappointment from late arrival in the UK. Four weeks will be allowed for overseas mail to arrive after which adjudication will take place and the winners announced.

Results Booklets

A full list of results will be duplicated after adjudication. If you would like a results booklet, please add £3.00 to your entry fee (UK). Overseas entries add $6.00 (US) or $8.00 (CAN). The results booklets are A4 size thus the envelope/jiffy bag should be at least 8.3" x 11.7" (210 x 297 mm). No envelope required for overseas entries.

Time Delay

No medallions or souvenir badges will be forwarded until the adjudication is complete. Please do not expect to here from us until May or June. Overseas results and souvenirs will be mailed via airmail.

Postal Swim Secretariat

All entry forms must be completed in full, and must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee and a stamped addressed envelope.

Please write clearly when completing entry forms.

All entry forms, and any questions about the postal swim should be sent to the postal swim secretary at the supplied address.


The information above can also be found below as a .doc or .pdf file for your own use.

Information Leaflet.doc Information Leaflet.pdf